Sports massage

The primary objective of Sports Massage is to promote the integrity of the human structure through the balance of tension, TENSEGRITY.

To achieve this the practitioner must be trained to a high standard with an intimate knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology. The practitioner must also have a mental database of different body types, joint movements, injuries and pathologies built up over years of practice.

Having qualified in 2005 gaining an Advanced Diploma in Sports Massage with Distinction, I have run a full time practice ever since. Currently I have been in practice for 11 years (2016).  I have acquired approximately 15,000 hours of treatment time, with that comes a depth of knowledge and experience that only time can give.

A Sports Massage is ideal to treat injuries as well as a preventative measure, dealing with the health of muscles and connective tissue, range of movement, tone, symmetry, balance of muscles and quality of posture.

Sports massage is soft tissue manipulation. During a treatment major muscle groups will be worked on as well as individual muscles, taking into account their origin, insertion and action.

Common problems such as Runners Knee, Tennis Elbow, Achilles Tendinitis, Sciatica and back and neck pain are among some of the conditions that can be treated.

Sports Massage can also be useful for maintenance treatments to identify any potential problems and prevent injury by releasing areas of tension.

Its Benefits Include:

Sports Massage improves the circulation of blood and lymph, helping to maintain the muscles and soft tissues in an optimum state of nutrition.

Sports Massage reduces muscle tightness and restrictions, creating improved tone, flexibility and relaxation, as well as promoting overall muscle balance.

Sports Massage enables the recipient to recover more rapidly from injury and reduces the likelihood of further injury.

Sports Massage reduces muscle soreness, enabling more consistent, higher level training and performance.

Cross Fibre massage effectively reduces adhesion’s and some degrees of scar tissue formation in the soft tissues. This allows for restoration of muscle integrity and full range of motion.

Sports Massage reduces pain and promotes overall relaxation.

Sports Massage helps enhance body awareness, assisting in fully expressive movement.

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