Mark Lea

MArk KeaI have been a professional lifeguard for 12 years and I also play rugby. I have always pushed my body hard over the years training for my jobs and sports, I’ve have had many problems and injuries over the years.

I have tried many different therapies and massage techniques, not much has resulted in the treatment I was looking for until I found Ben Donaldson. As soon as I started getting treatment from Ben I was getting near instant results. He has always understood my problems and giving me sound advice to correct my injuries and little niggling injuries to promote recovery.

He has a great knowledge and understanding of the body and as I always tell my friends magic hands. I never struggle to get a deep massage from Ben and he applies great pressure where needed.

I normally find just one session puts me on the road to recovery to get back to training again. With Ben’s knowledge he advises me on how best to exercise and train for correction to re-balanced my body. I always recommend my friends to Ben and feel I get great value for money as you definitely feel different after and especially the next day. Ben is someone I have 100 percent trust in and peace of mind when treating me.

Mark Thomas

MArk ThomasI am a keen triathlete and take part in many events across the country. I have been seeing Ben for many years and have always found him very knowledgeable and excellent at Sports Massage.Ben is also very experienced in the world of sport which to me makes a massive difference. I would highly recommend Ben to anyone.


Dr Rob Donovan

rob donavanIn mid August 2015, whilst walking our dog, Ella, I stumbles and the underside of my left foot caught the full impact of Cornwall’s hardest rock: Blue Elvin. My running life ceased forthwith. I didn’t know then how to name my injury but I sure knew it hurt. I had in fact a condition called plantar fasciitis, otherwise known as ‘policeman’s heel‘.

By early September, I had sought the help of Ben Donaldson who had helped me prepare for the Edinburgh Marathon in 2014. He has, once a week for half an hour, patiently used his skills and his knowledge to alleviate the pain and help the natural healing of what was a deep and persistent trauma to the foot.

In early December, I shared with Ben a guardian article about Jordan Henderson, the Liverpool captain, which had two headings: ‘Henderson told to play through pain as heel cannot be cured’ and ‘No cure for Henderson’s injury’. Henderson too had the heel condition plantar fasciitis in his left foot. the Liverpool player had been as far afield as New Jersey to see a specialist. he should have come to St.Ives or Penzance to see Ben Donaldson.

My heel is now strapped with Kinesiology Tape and healed and I am ready to start running again in a couple of weeks. I can walk without any sensation in the heel. Ben’s treatment has been indispensable. At 67, my body will I imagine take longer to heal than it once did. But I have made a recovery in less than 6 months- a shade ahead of Jordan Henderson, I think.

Thank you, Ben!


Annie Bungeroth

Screen Shot 2016-03-21 at 16.00.44I have turned to Ben on several occasions over the last few years with injuries and structural problems from running around the globe with an assortment of cameras around my neck and the bad posture that went with it.
Ben has always provided relief, sped up the healing process and given the appropriate advice. If one sort of approach isn’t working Ben will find another way and he will always refer you on if he feels the problem needs looking into. I have recommended Ben to friends and acquaintances and everyone sings his praises.

Steve Whitehouse

Screen Shot 2016-04-03 at 23.53.10I was recommended to see Ben in 2011 as I was in considerable pain and discomfort due to a cycling injury which was not only preventing me from riding but I was having difficulty even walking.
Over the next few weeks the sessions with Ben got me back to pain free walking and eventually back to riding again.
I now have regular massage sessions with Ben for both injury prevention and for recovery after hard training.
I have no hesitation in recommending his services as I have done many times to family and friends.


Doug Blackmore

golfI have been receiving weekly treatment from Ben since June 2009 to alleviate the impact of osteoarthritis in my hip joints- this allows me to continue playing golf.

Always a friendly and courteous service and available when needed.

If you are looking for a therapist I would highly recommend Ben, my treatments with him have now become part of my weekly routine.


Cllr Kevin Hughes

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 14.00.05I have been a patient of Ben Donaldson since 2005 and have had regular maintenance treatments as well as treatment for some acute injuries over the years.

These include lymphatic drainage after a severe reaction to a snake bite, which required 5 days in intensive care. Torn ankle ligaments, which he used Ultrasound on and strapped to speed up recovery. He has also treated back and neck problems  mostly caused from horse riding accidents.

During this time he has always been professional, polite and courteous and I have recommended him to many friends, colleagues and family. he has always taken his time in doing an initial assessment and history before taking them on. If he is not confident he can help, he has recommended other practitioners, in some cases if there is an underlying medical condition that is causing the problem he has referred them back to a Doctor.

I can honestly say that regular treatment has helped keep me more flexible and mobile over the years and has helped with relaxation and sleep problems.


As a middle-aged woman,

Screen Shot 2016-04-04 at 00.01.10who does a bit of Yoga and Pilates, I have been seeing Ben for treatment on a regular basis for many years, and I can say without hesitation, that he has bailed me out of trouble every time.

He is very quick to diagnose a problem and is very quick to put it right. His knowledge of the body mechanism is extremely thorough and somehow manages to pinpoint what is wrong with only vague guidance from me.

Aside from having treatment for specific problems, I have a regular deep tissue massage as a preventative, and without a doubt, this has kept me fit and able to maintain an active lifestyle.

As well as being an excellent Sports Massage Therapist, Ben is very friendly and approachable and his treatments always take place in a relaxed environment.


Heather Black

Heather BlackThanks to the expert treatment from Ben on a calf muscle tear and very painful Achilles tendon injury, I am making good progress and have been able to continue training. Kineseology tape has played a part and will do in the future. HOWEVER, and more IMPORTANTLY, correct identification and diagnostic treatment by Ben has to take full praise! Thanks Ben


Matt Roberts

Screen Shot 2016-03-26 at 14.04.42Being in the fitness industry for nearly twenty years I have met very few people with Ben’s knowledge, level of compassion and understanding….His treatments work every time and I have no hesitation what so ever in referring people who are in pain or discomfort to his clinic…He is a massive asset to the local community and I wish Ben all the luck for his developments in the future…What a legend.


Lucy Davis

Lucy DavisI’ve been receiving ongoing physio for a rowing injury – repetitive strain in the forearm and elbow – which was getting increasingly painful and preventing me from training. The treatment that Ben has provided, combined with the use of Kineseology taping, has not only meant that I’ve been able to keep up an intense training schedule in the lead up to the World Championships in May, but the injury has been steadily improving despite the intense training. Highly recommended, particularly for all gig rowers suffering problems with their elbows!