About me



My name is Ben……

When I left full time education I trained as a Chef, this took me round the world, working on 3 different continents and 2 Caribbean islands.

Working as a Chef gave me a foundation and interest in  NUTRITION, a subject I am still passionate about today as it is, quite simply, the building blocks to optimum health.

I have always been a keen sportsman, with a varied background in football, cricket, hockey, cross-country and athletics for school and county growing up near Bristol.

Having traveled I gained experience in windsurfing, surfing and climbing. Since settling in Cornwall in 1997, getting married and starting a family, I have followed my lifelong passion for cycling, some running, mostly trails now, but raced for Hayle Runners from 1998-2002, and swimming (Penwith Beach Lifeguard 2002).

I Qualified as a SPORTS MASSEUR in 2005 gaining an Advanced Diploma with Distinction. Since then I have run a full time practice, now in my 11th year (2016) I have approximately 15,000 hours of treatment time. With that comes a depth of knowledge and experience that only time can give. I feel this has allowed me to build a mental database of different body types, joint movements, injuries and pathologies.

My primary objective as a Sports Masseur is to promote the integrity of the human structure through the balance of tension, TENSEGRITY. I have a deep interest in an HOLISTIC approach to health, including diet and nutrition, hydration, strength work, balance, posture and the wellness of the individual as a whole.

I love to learn and enjoy attending courses to update and learn new skills. I have attended several courses at the Oxford University Sports facility, including Advanced Therapy, Therapeutic Ultrasound, and Advanced Kinesiology Taping for Athletes. I am always looking out for new courses and keeping up to date with developments in my profession.

Good Health, Ben