Covid-19 Update

personal protective equipment

I am making plans to re open my clinic offering a service at my Carbis Bay practice, initially for existing patients only.

Although I don’t have a confirmed date yet, I am hoping it will be sometime in July 2020. I need confirmation from the UK Government and my governing body (I.P.T.I)

My priority is the health and safety of my patients visiting my clinic. I have put the necessary measures in place for re opening so that people can return with confidence.

I have undertaken risk assessments on the following measures to comply with NHS England and UK Government Covid-19 guidelines to help minimise any risk of transmission of Covid-19 during treatment sessions.

  • Cleaning and waste disposal
  • Infection prevention and control
  • Patient safety
  • PPE (personal protective equipment)

What to expect when booking and arriving at your appointment.

  • All patients will be asked whether they are in a risk category and wether they or anyone in their household has Covid-19 symptoms or has been tested positive.
  • I will be wearing appropriate single use PPE, i.e. surgical grade type IIR fluid resistant mask, apron, gloves and eye protection
  • The temperature of the patient and therapist will be taken and recorded using a contactless digital forehead thermometer,
  • All patients will be asked to wear a mask, they will be available outside the clinic for your convenience along with 80% alcohol hand sanitiser.
  • I will be increasing the frequency of cleaning using NHS approved anti- viral disinfectant before and after each patient treatment session.
  • Hand sanitiser will be placed before entry to the clinic, in the treatment room and, along with anti-bacterial soap and paper towels in the toilet facilities.
  • Public Heath England posters will be displayed by each hand sanitising and hand wash facility detailing safe hand hygiene.
  • Appointment times will be spaced out to ensure adequate time is given to disinfect treatment areas.
  • Each Patient will be asked to sign a consent form consenting to a face to face appointment and that both the patient and therapist are aware of and have agreed that the benefits of the treatment outweigh the risk of possible Covid-19 infection.

I know this may all sound a bit different to your usual visit to my practice but everyone’s health is my priority.

The quality and focus of my treatments will remain the same even though the appearance of my clinic will reflect the current situation we find ourselves in.

Providing PPE along with reduced appointments to allow for additional cleaning comes at a cost. I will therefore be adding £3 to each appointment fee. I have tried to be reasonable with the price increase, and although it doesn’t cover all the additional costs I hope this is ok. Other than that my prices have remained unchanged since 2015.

I look forward to welcoming you back soon, Ben.


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