Foam Rolling

There are many benefits to regular Foam Rolling including,

Increased Blood Flow to muscles which in turn improves delivery of oxygen.

Help Relieve Muscle Tension especially after training.

Increased Range of Motion, the action of foam rolling can help to stretch your muscles.

Decreased Recovery Time, keeps muscles and connective tissue in an optimum state to allow more frequent and intense training with a reduced risk of injury.


IMG_0220You can watch a short video about Foam Rolling here.

I can supply quality Foam Rollers for £20, and also give advice and demonstrations at my clinics in Penzance, St.Ives and Carbis Bay.

Even though Foam Rollers are an excellent piece of equipment and bring many benefits for a small financial investment, they need to be used correctly and regularly, and can’t replace a Sports Massage from a skilled practitioner which can be more precise and focused when a Foam Roller just isn’t getting there.

Much Chi and Good Health, Ben